Pune Knee Course was started by Dr. Sachin Tapasvi in 2011 with a sole purpose to impart knowledge and spread awareness in the ever changing and improving field of knee arthroscopy. Knee arthroscopy sees new advances and development every single day and it is difficult to keep one updated every few months by visiting centers of excellence abroad, therefore Dr. Tapasvi has come up with this concept of bringing the experts to our doorstep. They would teach us and update us with what’s new in the world of knee arthroscopic surgery. This would enable all surgeons to learn from them and also watch them perform live surgeries. The delegates could thus enhance and improve their skills in the arthroscopic surgery of the knee.

Arthroscopic surgery has opened new avenues for the management of disorders of the cartilage, patella femoral malalignment and the meniscus. Arthroscopy has given us the tool of diagnosing the problems of the knee in a better way. Such problems would have hitherto gone unnoticed before the advent of arthroscopic surgery. Thus arthroscopic surgery has helped us realize and treat such knee problems with ease and accuracy.

Needless to say, going hand-in-hand with this, is the understanding of the knee with help of better available MRI and imaging modalities.

As Dr. Sachin Tapasvi puts it "The sole purpose of this knee course is to impart knowledge and benefit from the expertise of the best practitioners in the field".