Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The Organizing Committee of Pune Knee Course welcomes you to the next edition of the grand academic extravaganza – 9th Pune Knee Course 2019. As every year the focus on this year's PKC Meeting is on ACL and Meniscus Injuries, Cartilage restoration and Lower Limb Alignment. The positive response from delegates to the previous focus meetings has proved that there is a greater scope for scientific deliberation on specific issues. This puts the onus on us to raise the bar and provide the Arthroscopy fraternity in India and South Asia with the very best and latest in knee arthroscopy. In this forthcoming edition, we will put together an international and national faculty who are pioneers and stalwarts in managing ACL, Meniscus and Cartilage injuries.

The understanding of ACL instability is still evolving despite volumes of scientific material already present and much more being generated almost every day. While the debate on anterolateral stability rages; there has also been a resurgence in ACL repairs, of late. ACL re-tears are also not uncommon in todays practice scenario. Today's surgeon needs to be aware of the current strategies for tackling retained implants, enlarged bone tunnels and limited graft options. These shall be thrust areas for the deliberations on ACL pathology. Similarly, a universal acceptance of the importance of repairing the menisci- whether the body or roots or ramp, merits thorough update of this area as well. Cartilage restoration and importance of lower limb alignment in knee stability are other two important areas which need better understanding to solve the problem of treating and preventing the “young arthritic knee” and for devising an effective joint preservation strategy. With these aims in mind, we do hope that the scientific program being put together will benefit the novice and the experts in knee arthroscopy.

The other tradition of this meeting is the Pune Knee Rehab Course which is conducted every alternate year. This year, we present you the 3rd Pune Knee Rehab Course with special focus on injury prevention strategies and returning back to sports post a knee injury. This course is targeted not just at sports therapists, but also at every surgeon who takes care of patients with knee injuries. The battle would be lost to the injuries, if function does not follow form post-surgery.

We extend a warm welcome to all of you once again to Pune to enjoy this academic feast.