(F1/S1) Anatomic Single-Bundle ACL Reconstruction: How to get it right the first time

  • Introduction
  • Graft harvest and preparation (HS, BTB, Quad tendon, peroneus longus)
  • How to prevent infection
  • What surgical technique and where to place the tunnels (Panel discussion)
  • Role of extraarticular reconstruction in ACL surgery (Panel discussion)

(F2/S2) How to repair the meniscus

  • How to improve exposure in the medial compartment: MCL pie-crusting
  • Outside-in repair technique
  • All-inside repair technique
  • Inside-out repair technique
  • Medial meniscus root repair
  • Lateral meniscus root repair
  • Ramp lesion repair

(F3/S3) Techniques in Revision ACL Surgery

  • Work-up of the patient with a failed ACL reconstruction
  • 1-stage revision ACL reconstruction
  • 2-stage revision ACL reconstruction
  • Treatment of associated ligamentous laxities and malalignment

(F4/S4) Osteotomy around the Knee

  • Current Concepts - HTO
  • Sugical tips and tricks for successful HTO
  • Current Concepts - DFO
  • Sugical tips and tricks for successful DFO