• Master Class can be opted ONLY by delegates registering for the main conference. You cannot register for Master Class alone.
  • The same session will be run on both Friday & Saturday.
  • Breakfast will be served at 7.00 am and the Master Class will start at 7.30 am sharp.

F1 / S1: All you need to know about the Posterolateral Corner Injuries of the Knee

  • Understanding the anatomy of the posterolateral corner
  • raft and fixation choices
  • Anatomic PLC Reconstruction
  • Fibula based PLC Reconstruction

F2 / S2: How to perform MPFL Reconstruction

  • Role of MPFL in patellar stability
  • Graft and fixation choices
  • MPFL Reconstruction with hamstrings and quad tendons

F3 / S3: How to perform PCL Reconstruction

  • Understanding principles of single and double bundle PCL
  • All inside and Tibial in-lay PCL Reconstruction techniques

F4 / S4: Management of Medial Knee Instability

  • Techniques of repairing MCL
  • Discussion of principles and techniques of Anatomic MCL
  • Danish approach to MCL Reconstruction

F5 / S5: Techniques of Trochleoplasty and TTO

  • Understanding trochlear dysplasia
  • Techniques of TTO & Trochleoplasty

Disclaimer: Pune Knee Course (PKC) is organized for educational purpose only. The opinions expressed by the Faculty and participants during the course are their personal views and are for general information and understanding only and not specific therapeutic advice. These opinions are not substitute for competent professional advice. The organizers of PKC do not endorse any opinion and should not be held liable for the same. The Live Surgical demonstrations are subject to availability of appropriate patient cases.