0900 - 1000  Live Surgery 6: Osteotomy for chronic PCL deficient knee
1000 - 1008  Biomechanics of the PCL deficient knee
1008 – 1016 Does every PCL tear require surgery?
1016 - 1024  Rehabilitation and Bracing for PCL injury
1024 - 1032  Treatment of PCL avulsions
• Arthroscopic fixation
• Open fixation
1032 - 1047  LIVE CLINICAL examination of PCL deficient knee
1047 - 1055  Debate: Single Bundle vs Double Bundle PCL Reconstruction
1055 – 1103 Pearls to get my PCL graft as tight and anatomic as possible
1103 – 1303 Live Surgery 7: Double bundle PCL Reconstruction
Live Surgery 8: Tibial Inlay PCL Reconstruction
1303 – 1343 OMG!! (Typical and atypical PCL injury case scenarios)

Disclaimer: Pune Knee Course (PKC) is organized for educational purpose only. The opinions expressed by the Faculty and participants during the course are their personal views and are for general information and understanding only and not specific therapeutic advice. These opinions are not substitute for competent professional advice. The organizers of PKC do not endorse any opinion and should not be held liable for the same. The Live Surgical demonstrations are subject to availability of appropriate patient cases.