Time Topic Speaker
14:00 - 14:05 Welcome Address Charlie Brown
Sachin Tapasvi
Parag Sancheti
Conveners: Charlie Brown, Parag Sancheti
14:05 - 15:00 Live Surgery 1: Single bundle PCL reconstruction
Surgeon: James Robinson & Dinshaw Pardiwala
Moderator: Rik Kundra & Raju Easwaran
15:00 - 15:08 Arthroscopic anatomy of the PCL Charles Brown
15:08 - 15:16 Clinically relevant biomechanics of the PCL Alan Getgood
15:16 - 15:24 PCL stress X-rays: How to perform and how they can help us Martin Lind
15:24 - 15:32 Non operative management of PCL instability Hayden Morris
15:32 - 15:42 Management of PCL avulsions: Arthroscopy or Open Bancha Chernchujit
15:42 - 15:50 Graft selection for PCL surgery Julian Feller
15:50 - 15:58 ‘Biologic’ PCL Reconstruction: Why & how I do it Anant Joshi
15:58 - 16:06 Single-bundle PCL reconstruction: Why & how I do it Hayden Morris
16:06 - 16:14 Double-bundle PCL reconstruction: Why & how I do it Charles Brown
16:14 - 16:22 Rehabilitation after PCL reconstruction Luke O’Brien
16:22 - 16:30 PCL injuries in the adolescent Dinshaw Pardiwala
16:30 - 17:30 Live Surgery 2: All Inside PCL reconstruction
Surgeon: Rik Kundra
Moderator: Bancha Chernchujit & Dinshaw Pardiwala
18:00 - 19:00 FIRE SIDE CHATS  

Disclaimer: Pune Knee Course (PKC) is organized for educational purpose only. The opinions expressed by the Faculty and participants during the course are their personal views and are for general information and understanding only and not specific therapeutic advice. These opinions are not substitute for competent professional advice. The organizers of PKC do not endorse any opinion and should not be held liable for the same. The Live Surgical demonstrations are subject to availability of appropriate patient cases.